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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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Why choose The Clean Carpet Company


So why use us as your carpet and upholstery cleaner



Ten good reasons



  • 1. Established local business - We have been in carpet cleaning for over 10 years and know our profession inside out. We are registered at a real address so we wont disappear if you have any problems.


  • 2. We don't keep you waiting - We will give you an exact appointment time and if we are running late we will let you know.


  • 3. Our response time - we can usually get one of our team to you within a week so no delays getting clean carpets.


  • 4. Our pricing will be honest - Transparent and fixed pricing at the time of quote - you will know what you are getting and for how much.


  • 5. Customer service - We wont give you the hard sell we will be honest about what needs and can be done.


  • 6. We wont cut corners, but we will clean them - We will take our time to do the job properly and make sure you are satisfied.


  • 7. Equipment - We only use the best and most professional equipment, technology and cleaning solutions. Others cleaners may use domestic equipment which is no better than your own.


  • 8. Trained - We have undertook training to identify your carpets make up, the stains on them and the best and safest way to get them out,


  • 9. Insured - We are insured for Public Liability Insurance







  • 10. Other cleaners - Please don't take a chance on small ad's or yellow pages with random telephone numbers and 'fly by night' cleaners who are untrained, uninsured  and using domestic cleaners  - use a REAL company like us.



Reasons To Choose Us