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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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Why clean your carpet

So why is it necessary to have regular carpet cleaning


Carpets are similar to clothes in that they need regular washing to keep them hygienic, fresh and  clean. This needs to be done periodically. Particles like grit and soil play as major factors in reducing a carpet or fabrics life. This build up of dirt also allows destructive and unhealthy bacteria and mites to multiply. The cost of cleaning a carpet pails in comparison to the cost of replacing a carpet and the time and effort to do so.


Cleaning your carpet and upholstery regularly makes cosmetic, health and economical sense.


Most of us are unaware that that what we see dirt wise in a carpet is only the tip of the iceberg as to how much soil and dirt a carpet contains. Up to 85% of the dirt in a carpet is held deep in the carpet pile. Amazingly a carpet itself can trap up to its own weight in dirt and soil (an average of 150 lbs) in an average sized and average use living room. That's a lot of dirt - especially to be walking, sitting and playing on.







By having your carpet cleaned by a professional cleaner on a regular basis your will receive the following benefits:


  • Carpet Appearance - We all know how good a new carpet looks. Cleaning your old carpet can rejuvenate and bring it back to its best.


  • Stain Removal - Professional cleaning can remove even the most hardy of stains, marks and spots. No longer will you have to cover them up or be bothered by them.


  • Hygienic Environment - Removing the hidden dust, dirt, soil and debris from a carpet can improve health and allergies of a home by the removal of dust mites and bacteria.


  • Removal of Odours - Professional cleaning will ensure your carpet has a fresh and clean odour


  • Increased Carpet Life - Instead of buying a new carpet every few years you will have a new carpet look and feel everytime you have it cleaned






Domestic vacuuming does not compare


Most domestic cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaners, steamers and shampooers will not have the power or technology of a commercial carpet cleaner. They wont remove the deep down ingrained dirt, bacteria, mites and germs that hide in your carpet.


For truly clean carpets you need to employ a professional with powerful and sophisticated commercial equipment. Combine this with expert knowledge and training and you will get a beautiful and clean carpet without having to buy a new one.


In a nutshell


Get a professional