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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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Carpets are back - that's right - they are back in fashion in a big way. There are loads of colours and styles to choose from and depending on where the carpet s to be used you need to find the right carpet for the right area and use


Why carpets


When it comes to selecting a carpet you need to contemplate the technical and as well as aesthetic issues. Different areas of the house have a different amount of traffic. A hallway will take a lot more of a pounding than say a guest bedroom. So a real indicator of your selection should be the texture as well as the colour or style


Its all gone very laminate / solid wood floors recently but with less maintenance comes a colder harsher feel. Carpets represent an aspect of warmth and are the best choice for areas you want to feel cosy such as bedrooms and  living rooms. They offer insulation, padding and comfortable feel. They also help with energy saving particularly upstairs.


Carpets are safer. They are non slip and add a bit of padding to accidental falls by you or the family vase. They help reduce noise such as airborne (music, talking), surface (footsteps) and it transmitting below particularly if you live in flats.


Carpets also offer you the chance to really paint a picture of how you want your rooms to look. You can get carpets in any shade of colour - its not the same for wood.


Carpets can also disguise problematic floors that are uneven or warped. With the new carpets available today they have improved their colourfastness, durability, stain resistance and insulation

Why choose a Carpet as your floor covering