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Carpet Cleaning!

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General Price Guide

Free Home Consultation


We are happy to come out and quote you.


We have found its always best for us to visit you and find out your requirements.


From this quick visit we can evaluate


  • What stains there are


  • What size the carpets are


  • What the carpets texture, pile and material is


This will not give a hard sell as we need to be cleaning carpets!


We will be honest and brief with what can be done and our pricing will be fixed and transparent




Telephone or Email Quote


We would prefer to come and see you but we understand people are busy. We are friendly and professional so please let know how we can help.


  • Call us on 07486 420 478



We just need to know sizes and rooms.


To give you a rough idea based on average sized and average conditioned domestic carpets


  • Lounge = £40                                     

  • Bedroom = £30                               

  • Hall, stairs & landing = £50

Let us have a look

Why we are the BEST!

We are a full service carpet cleaning specialist and consultant with training, experience and the best equipment and materials.


You can get cleaners that will come out without consulting you and supposedly clean your carpet for £20 and take around 5 minutes doing it. But are they:


  • Trained - Have they been trained to use the cleaning agents and machinery they will using. Do they know how they will react with your particular carpet


  • Experienced - Have they just started up and are training on your carpets


  • Consultative - Will they come out and visit you to check your carpets beforehand


  • Insured - If anything goes wrong are they covered


  • Equipped - Are the using a small and old domestic cleaner 


  • Chemically Aware - Are they using the correct and best cleaning agents as to not damage / dye / bleach your carpet