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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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Pre Inspection - Once we are at your property we will take a good look at all the carpets to be cleaned. We can make sure we are using the correct process and solutions as to get the best out of your carpet. We can also spot any stains or problems that may need extra work


Commercial Vacuuming - We then use our commercial grade vacuum cleaner. This vacuum has a powerful set of twin motors to get the maximum loose dirt from your pile. It also has a high filtration system which is now standard with high performance cleaning


Pre Spotting Stains - Having already identified your difficult stains earlier we will pre-spot them. Pre-spotting is getting a specialist cleaning solution on them to break down the stain and ready it for extraction


Pre Spray - We the apply our eco friendly pre-spray cleaning solution. This solution emulsifies and also suspends the dirt and soil, making it easier for us to remove in the extraction process. The cleaning agents we use are some of the very best available and specific to our industry


Agitation - This is very important in the process. The pre spray has now suspended the dirt and soil at the top. We then agitate the carpet with contra rotating mechanical scrubbing brushes that works the cleaning solution lower into your carpet pile capturing all the dirt and stains. This gives the carpet a deeper clean and readies it for extraction


Hot Water Extraction - We then use high powered hot water extraction machines to simultaneously rinse and then vacuum the dirt and soiling out of your carpets. The machine can send up to 500 psi of hot water droplet pressure into your carpets. Hot water is essential in any cleaning process and this water hits the dirt and soil in your pile and is then vacuumed back up again. Our machines recover up to 90% of the water leaving your carpets practically dry.


Recheck the carpets - We then recheck for any stubborn stains and give them extra attention with our selection of specialised stain removers.


Rapid Drying - We will leave an industrial blower in the rooms to dry what we can as quickly as we can while we are there


Protecting Carpet & Furniture - We then replace your furniture back into position and put tabs or blocks under them


Inspection by you - Most importantly we go over the carpets with you and make sure you are happy with the clean.


We clean carpets the best way - DEEP CLEANING



"You may find some companies that will simply arrive with a small wet vac and flush your carpets with a cold water detergent. This simply is not good enough to clean with and is risky to your carpets wellbeing"









We are experienced, trained and professional Carpet Cleaners and as such we follow a detailed plan to get the best from your carpets.