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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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best equipment

We use the best carpet cleaning machines

We use the BEST available portable extraction machine for cleaning carpets the Powr-Flite 1350PFX


As you can see it looks the part because it is the part


It features


  • 500 PSI adjustable water pressure for maximum cleaning power. This is the adjustable rate the hot water hits your carpet to disturb and agitate the dirt


  • 3000 watt in-built Perfect Heat system cuts through heavy and greasy soils. We instantly get water up to 100 Celsius or 212 Fahrenheit as to ensure a real deep clean. Heat is needed for any good clean


  • Two 3-stage powerful Lamb Ametek vac motors that deliver 220" of water lift - These vacuums are the best in the industry creating real lift of the dirt and the machine recovers around 90% of the water so drying times are reduced


  • A sound suppression system which keeps noise at a minimum for both client and operator comfort and safety


  • Wonderwand (the silver hose) - this is patented technology that sends hyper-charged hot water droplets that penetrate and scrub each individual fibre.


We use this technology as it gives your carpet and upholstery the maximum chance to come back to its vibrant best






Other cleaners may use domestic or less powerful equipment that just wont do what our cleaner does


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Beware other cleaners