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Carpet Cleaning!

from The Clean Carpet Company

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Carpets are great. But, they all can cause hygiene problems as they can harbour dust, muck and odours, providing the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mites, and sometimes including mould spores.


Regularly vacuuming helps but professional cleaning is a must. Like any fibre or textile it needs regularly cleaning to improve the health, look and wellbeing of the carpet and your house. Getting a powerful clean every 12 to 18 months is the way to go


Here we have some other tips to keeping your carpet in good shape



1, Always have a mat at any exterior door to keep large amounts of dirt from coming on to your floors.


2, To prevent your pile being dirtied or flattened in heavy trafficked areas (such as in front of sofa) you could put a rug down.


3, Vacuum the house at least once a week to get all the dust and loose soil. dont just limit this to carpets do your upholstery too.


4, Vac thoroughly - reach those spots that don't normally get done like under the couch or bed. Make sure you move the furniture off 'its spots' as to allow the fibres to recover from the weight


5, Treat all stains as soon as possible spots. The longer you leave it the harder they are to get out. In most cases blot (don't rub) and use normal water.  


6, Make yourself aware of what your carpet is and made up of. Is it poly or wool, has it been treated with a stain resistor. Does it have a warranty and if so how does it work


7, Get a professional to clean your carpets and upholstery between 12-18 months. This will keep the carpets looking good, smelling clean, hygienic and make them last much longer.


7 Tips to Clean Carpets